Sayyad Asad Noman Qadri Shattari from Nagpur, Sheikh Shabbir from Damuha, Madhya Pradesh, Sayyad Asad Qadri Shattari from Pulgaon, Maharashtra and Dr Ashhar Malik Qadri Shattari from Nagpur will continue to spread the Qadri Shattari Sufi order in future with the Ijazah of Sayyad Mushtaq Husain Ali Mast Qadri Shattari (2019-2020). Sayyad Sadiq Ali itwari from Nagpur is devoted and interested in Qadri Shattari sufism. Idris Hasan Sabri from Merut accompanied Mast during his life time. This declaration was made in the beginning of December 2020 by Sayyad Mushtaque Hussain Ali Mast Qadri Shattari and thus it is preserved as a reference and Tabarruk.