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==='''Welcome to Qadri Shattari's Sufi wiki!==='''
Participate in [[Sufipedia Contest 2021]] and win exciting prizes.
This site is developed for Sufism lovers all over the world under the initiative of [https://qadrishattari.xyz Qadri Shattari Silsila's online platform] You are welcome to add articles, content related to sufism only in constructive manner with references
Need help? No problem! We will help you with your questions as needed. You can help this wiki by starting a new article on any sufi shaykh(you can write correct information about your own Pir Sahab also) or sufi culture, festival even someone is notable or not, but just to confirm that the user must be a sufi Muslim following the beliefs of Ahlussunnah. Another way to help this wiki by adding information on already available articles from reliable sources. Don't forget to add references.
===starting a new article===
You can directly create a new article on any sufi muslim, or your Pir o Mashaikh whether he is notable or not. Just [[ ]] around the name of the topic and publish for example if you're interested to create an article on Khwaja after placing the [[]] it will looks like this [[Khwaja]] just click on the red link to start.
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